At the forefront of French Excellence in luxury cosmetics and eastern beauty know-how, Kaé brings you 100% natural, high quality skincare.
Kaé specialises in products from the east with argan oil and essential oils.
The three aims of Kaé are innovation, efficiency and excellence. 
Argan oil has an exceptionally high concentration of vitamin E, perfect for combatting dehydration, oxidation and wrinkles. It reinforces the hydro-lipidic film for better skin hydration. 
It renews skin's composition and speeds up micro circulation to slow down the physiological ageing process. 
It stimulates the skin's defences against external aggression.


Argatherapy, a concept by Kaé

Argatherapy combines the exceptional argan oil properties with the power of aromatic essential oils for maximum performance.
Double action for amazing results: essential oils for their detoxifying and draining power clean the skin and open pores; argan oil, thanks to its high vitamin E and unsaturated fats content, hydrates and treats the skin for long-lasting results.
Kaé complies with the Cosmebio and Ecocert charters - a cosmetic product can only be described as natural if the final product contains a minimum of 95 % of ingredients identified as natural or from natural origin, and it can only be described as organic if it contains 10 % of ingredients derived from certified organic farming.


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