Recognize and treat sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin? Most of us have to one degree or another sensitive or easily irritated epidermis. Regardless of your primary skin type, ethnic background or age, minor or major irritating skin conditions can be present. The skin can burn, chafe or crack and you may have patchy areas of dry flaky skin related to weather conditions, hormonal changes, the skin care products you are using or sun exposure. If we think about the number of cosmetic products women use daily which is around 12 products on average, with each one containing around 20 ingredients that totals to more than 200 different cosmetic ingredients on any given day. The fact that any of us have skin left is a testimony to the skin resiliency and the talent of cosmetic chemists.

Everyone has the potential to develop sensitive skin so women of every skin type should heed the precautions. And what are the precautions? There is really only one and it goes for all skin types: treat your skin as gently as you possibly can. Whether you think of your face as oily, dry or mature you still need to be gentle with your skin and avoid products that cause irritation.

Our natural solutions can take care of your precious skin in a way that won’t disturb the ph balance, or cause any redness or swelling: